My friend sounding out the lyrics to the 1975 songs


lyrics to Chocolate - hey now, kullyashanip kashewnawthat chawheel. Hiyah by a fren like chocolate.

Sex - and this is how it stars, tayeeshiis off inbahh uhmaian. Uhmshae muhshurr ooks soah good.

Settle down: a soft sound, oseesaw intehwah she wairs her hair down, commerin upeh face

She Way Out: lida face frm a movie scene, a magazine nahdahmeaan. She denitely got a sty on you



'The 1975 singer helps avert car crash after Plymouth fan excitement' (x)

When an excited teen jumps out of a moving car to greet their favourite pop-star, how well the car’s parked is one of the last things on a mother’s mind.

In the excitement of daughter Yasemin catching a glimpse of Matthew Healy from band The 1975, Karen Gokoglu forgot to fully deploy the handbrake on her new Mercedes CLK convertible.

It was only when the lead singer of the indie rockers shouted “Your car!” that the pair turned to see the vehicle sliding down the hill with the family’s Shih Tzu Poppy still sat innocently in the back seat.

Mrs Gokoglu’s daughter Yasemin, 15, is a huge fan of The 1975 and so the pair were scouting round The Hoe trying to spot band members while they sound-checked in preparation for tomorrow’s MTV Crashes gig.

As they turned up Cliff Road, they saw lead singer Healy emerging from the backstage area. Yasemin leapt out of the car as it was still moving while her mum quickly pulled over.

But as they ran towards the star, they saw Healy pointing and shouting. The landlady of The Walrus pub turned to see the vehicle rolling down the road.

The Mancunian and Mrs Gogoklu ran after it and managed to avert disaster in dramatic circumstances.

“It could have really been an MTV crash!” she said.

“I had no idea the handbrake wasn’t on properly.

“I just thought ‘Quick, let me get some photos’ and wasn’t thinking.

“I managed to jump in it just before it hit the pavement and the wall.

“Our dog Poppy nearly went with the car. It could have been disastrous especially if the car had travelled all the way down the hill.

“Matty said to me afterwards, ‘That’s an automatic isn’t it? I’ve done that myself before.”

“I can laugh about it now but I was shaking like a leaf at the time. I’ve only had the car two weeks,” added the 48-year-old, who performs under the name Karen G.

Describing Healy, she said: “He was a really nice guy, really friendly and he came to my rescue.”

Yaesmin and her mum managed to get some photos with Matt after everything ended well.

The Hele’s school pupil will be going to the gig with friends tomorrow while the city centre landlady is hopeful of seeing a good crowd in the pub beforehand.

“Yaesmin is very excited. She is still buzzing about meeting him,” added Mrs Gogoklu.

“She has been screaming and jumping up and down all day.

“She keeps saying, ‘I can’t believe I met him’ but I’m saying, ‘I can’t believe I’ve still got my car’.”